More than just a good team

Your start in modern laboratory medicine

As one of the largest owner-operated laboratories in Germany, we provide our broad range of services at high quality standards in laboratory diagnostics. We are an excellent, collegial partner for registered doctors, hospitals and medical facilities. Our customers rely on us, and therefore on the skills of our more than 550 staff members at our laboratory location in Heidelberg.

To the vacancies


We would be pleased if you too would like to share in our success. You can send us your application as a trainee, career-starter, young professional or experienced expert.

What you can look forward to:

  • responsible tasks in a dynamic, growing company
  • an attractive job in highly-qualified, interdisciplinary teams
  • demanding and multi-locational projects
  • modern laboratories and offices
  • attractive development opportunities in a career working on projects, as an expert or in management


For physicians

As a physician, you can expect our laboratory to provide you with a wide range of opportunities to work and develop. We can offer optimum development opportunities for medical professionals in our laboratory locations all over Germany, employing a total of more than 300 specialist physicians.

As a specialist physician, you can be offered positions in administration, in management, in heading laboratories, in leading medical functions, in project management, as well as in an expert capacity.

As an assistant in further training, we can offer you extensive further training in a variety of specialist areas within the Group. Thanks to the curricula-based structure, you will familiarise yourself with all the areas, including specialisations. We will also be happy to discuss a part-time working model with you should you wish.

To the vacancies

We are looking for specialist physicians as well as assistants in further training in the following areas:


  • laboratory medicine
  • microbiology, virology and infection epidemiology
  • hygiene and environmental medicine
  • internal medicine*gynaecology*
  • ophthalmology
  • pathology

* We are not entitled to provide further training in this area at present.


For laboratory staff

Working in a laboratory, you will make a valuable contribution towards high-quality diagnostics at the MVZ LAbor Dr. Limbach. Both parties requesting tests as well as patients place their trust on an everyday basis in the reliable results which you will generate with a high degree of precision.

Working in a laboratory (e.g. medical-technical laboratory assistant [MTLA], biological-technical assistant [BTA], specialised medical employee [MFA], biology lab assistant, etc.), or as a natural science graduate (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate), a broad range of tasks awaits you in our laboratories, ranging from A for Antibody to Z for Zymogen.


To the vacancies

You will have working and professional development opportunities in the following specialist areas and departments:


  • haematology
  • infection serology
  • clinical chemistry
  • microbiology
  • molecular biology
  • pathology
  • special analytics (e.g. toxicology, autoimmune diagnostics, and much more)


For specialists and leaders in management

As a member of the staff in our laboratory, or in the management team, you can expect demanding prospects in a wide variety of business functions. We can offer you the opportunity to input your skills in all areas in order to help us shape the Limbach laboratory.


To the vacancies

Progress your career in management, as an expert or in projects in the following areas:


  • purchasing
  • finance and controlling
  • IT
  • marketing
  • human resources
  • project management
  • sales



For trainees

As a trainee, you can expect our laboratory to provide you with an ideal career start. We are concerned to see you graduate successfully.
We work together with two MTLA schools, and will support you with a grant for training to become a medical-technical laboratory assistant:

  • We will pay all your course fees.
  • We will help towards any rent costs you may incur in your place of study.
  • Additional paid internships
  • An attractive job with a guarantee of continued employment

Wir work together with Naturwissenschaftlichen Technikum in Landau/Pfalz


To the vacancies

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