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Everything to ensure that results are transmitted reliably

Efficient requesting of tests  and rapid transmission of results form part and parcel of excellent diagnostics. Be it digital or analogue, MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach will match your wishes. What counts is reliability, and this is something that you can count on.

Order-Entry: lab@ccess

Transmitting laboratory orders electronically allows you to organise the processes in your medical practice even more efficiently. MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach provides you with an order entry system to reach this goal. lab@ccess, our in-house system, allows MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach to provide parties requesting tests with a tool for entering orders and viewing results that is easily comprehensible and user friendly. It enables you to generate individual profiles, as well as to automatically ensure the correct allocation of mixed orders.

Our contacts responsible for the order entry system will be glad to help you!

Remote data transmission

MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach offers you modern systems for retrieving results via secure connections in the commonly-used transmission formats HL7, LDT and fax. These systems are of course compatible with the systems generally used by physicians and hospitals.

You can download an information sheet in the Downloads section below explaining how results can be transmitted.

Our contacts responsible for remote data transmission will be glad to help you!

Contact details

Our technical customer support will be glad to help you should you have any questions on transmitting results or on order entry systems.

Tel.: +49 6221 3432 777


Team-Viewer-Remote -Support

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DN Move Info

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Possibilities of medical report transmission

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