We take responsibility

Whether it is with specialist laboratories, laboratory management for sub-areas or as a whole, be it outsourcing of commercial services and operational management, we will be pleased to take responsibility for your hospital laboratory.

Specialised laboratories

We provide test results that cannot be generated economically in hospitals. We also carry out specialty tests quickly and reliably.

Laboratory management

We furthermore take responsibility for designing the service rotas and monitor your supply chains. We optimise your equipment pool and the processes in your laboratory. We help to reduce the volume and density of services, whilst taking medical requirements into account. We of course implement the latest version of the stipulations contained in the guidelines of the German Medical Association.


We will completely manage the hospital laboratory for you.

Additional services

  • advice and assistance on commissions such as laboratory commissions, hygiene commissions and transfusion commissions with a laboratory or hygiene contract,
  • hygiene management and advice: broad range of advisory services from hygiene audits ranging to outbreak analyses, construction consultancy and targeted further training,
  • infectiological consultancy: drawing up bacterial and resistance statistics in accordance with section 23 of the German Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz), drawing up an antibiotics guideline tailored to suit your hospital, as well as advisory visits,
  • implementation of diagnostic paths, taking account of medical and economic aspects, development of laboratory requirement profiles, and
  • responsibility for point-of-care analysis management.

Your contacts

PD Dr. med. Karin Janetzko Doctor for laboratory medicine and transfusion medicine +49 6221 3432-172 karin.janetzko@labor-limbach.de
Joachim Singer Doctor of laboratory medicine +49 6221 3432-547 joachim.singer@labor-limbach.de
Backoffice Fax: +49 6221 3432-8304 krankenhausbetreuung@labor-limbach.de

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