Hygiene consultancy

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Limbach Gruppe’s hygiene specialists provide broad-based, expert advice on all hygiene-related issues. Our experts have the highly specialised knowledge it takes to meet the increasingly complex hygiene requirements your facility is faced with. We provide competent and detailed consultancy on all hygiene issues to small and medium-sized hospitals, outpatient surgical centres, dialysis and rehabilitation clinics – for the safety of your patients and workflow efficiency in your facility. Our hygiene consultancy services are provided by more than 25 specialists, several specialist laboratories and other experts who are available to assist you through our Germany-wide network. This is the promise to our customers: You take care of your facility – and we will make sure that you are always up to date on the latest medical knowledge.

Our core services in hygiene consultancy

Hygiene audit

  • Detailed overview of the hygienic situation, specifically developed for healthcare facilities
  • Identification of key areas and opportunities for further optimisation, including assessment of staff hygiene requirements
  • One-time service or service contract for hygiene management

Hygiene management

  • Personal consultancy provided to your facility by an experienced specialised physician and a network of hygiene experts in the background
  • Compliance with the legal requirements for hygiene management in accordance with the German Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz) facilitated by providing expert consultancy to your hygiene team
  • Sustainable implementation of the agreed measures in a project-driven approach based on collaboration with your on-site hygiene professionals
  • Quick response to hygienic emergencies by our nationwide network of experts

Outbreak analyses

  • Additional support in the event of serious outbreaks
  • Identification of starting point and routes of transmission
  • Recommendations for effective intervention measures based on available data and existing workflows
  • Support in internal and external communication
  • Preparation of final report, including preventive measures

Construction consultancy

  • Involvement of hospital hygiene officer in renovation and building projects to help avoid expensive design errors
  • Assistance and consultancy by our experts from the design stage to the final acceptance of the building
  • Preparation of building hygiene certificates in compliance with the provisions of applicable state hygiene ordinance

Further training

  • Individual further training on topical issues in hygiene for the necessary safety of your employees
  • Further training to become a hygiene officer in nursing care, with optional adjustment to the needs of your facility
  • Training for physicians to become hygiene officers, partly in cooperation with local further training facilities


Laboratory analysis and technical validation

  • We offer these services in cooperation with our partner laboratories


Your contact

Prof. Dr. med. Constanze Wendt Specialist in Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemiology, Specialist in Hygiene and Environmental Medicine Head of Hygiene and Infection diagnostics +49 6221 3432-344 constanze.wendt@labor-limbach.de

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