Haematological diagnostics

Medical expertise for targeted diagnosis, prognosis and therapy

he analysis of cellular blood components in what is known as a complete blood count (CBC) is one of the basic methods to detect abnormalities in haematopoiesis. Diagnostic investigations for haemato-oncological diseases involve further differentiation testing of peripheral blood or bone marrow by means of cytology, histology, immunophenotyping, cytogenetics, molecular cytogenetics and molecular genetics. Limbach Gruppe provides the medical and methodological expertise needed for targeted diagnosis, prognostic assessment and therapy monitoring.

Our core services in haematological diagnostics

  • Automated and manual differential blood count for cytomorphological assessments
  • Diagnosis of anaemia
  • Flow cytometric exclusion/confirmation of paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH)
  • Analysis of haemoglobin variants and thalassaemia syndromes including genetic assessment and consultancy
  • Diagnostic assessment of hereditary spherocytosis
  • Zellulärer Immunstatus zur Lymphozytendifferenzierung bei Störungen der zellulären Immunität mit unterschiedlichen, je nach Fragestellung variierenden Markerkombinationen
  • Functional testing of granulocytes and monocytes (phagocytosis, oxidative burst), as well as lymphocytes (in vitro stimulation, cytotoxicity)
  • Confirmation of leukocyte adhesion deficiency type 1 (LAD1)
  • Confirmation and classification of CVID (variable immunodeficiency)
  • Cytomorphological bone marrow testing / lymph node diagnostics in the field of haemato-histopathology
  • Cytological testing (bone marrow/peripheral blood) for acute and chronic leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, malignant lymphomas and plasmacytomas)
  • Immunophenotypic analysis (flow cytometry) of peripheral blood, bone marrow aspirate, lymph node aspirate, other aspirates, effusion fluid, BAL, CSF
  • Diagnosis and monitoring based on cytogenetic, molecular cytogenetic (FISH) and molecular genetic diagnostics


Your contacts

Prof. Dr. Peter Findeisen Specialist in Laboratory Medicine Head of Laboratory Medicine +49 6221 3432-442 peter.findeisen@labor-limbach.de
Dr. med. Margot Thiaucourt Doctor in training +49 06221 3432 218 margot.thiaucourt@labor-limbach.de


Dr. rer. nat. Peter Ruppersberger Specialist in Human Genetics (GfH) Head of the Human Genetics Department +49 6221 3432-176 peter.ruppersberger@labor-limbach.de
Dr. med. Jens Köhler Specialist in internal medicine and hematology and oncology Laboratory for molecular endocrinology +49 6221 658 883 jens.koehler@labor-limbach.de

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