About us

Innovation, competence and quality for more than 40 years

Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen has been a provider of innovative laboratory diagnostics at the highest quality level for more than three decades.

We offer a comprehensive range of tests, based on the most recent recommendations contained in the guidelines, as well as those from various specialist societies. Recent study results are included when introducing new methods in a manner that is relevant in practice.

More than 600 specialists work at our Heidelberg site, including more than 30 physicians, as well as a large number of experts from the fields of natural science. Having established an excellent network with its many national and international partners,

MVZ Heidelberg operates at a high level of excellence. The range of services provided by the laboratory includes laboratory medicine, infectiology, molecular diagnostics and hygiene, as well as transfusion medicine and human genetics. The MVZ Heidelberg works closely together in a spirit of partnership with registered physicians, as well as hospitals providing basic, standard and maximum service.

The MVZ Dr. Limbach & Kollegen also has an active study and research programme.The state-of-the art laboratory is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15189.



The MVZ Laboratory Dr. Limbach & Colleagues offers a comprehensive range of examinations for routine diagnostics that reflect the latest technological findings. In addition to commercially available analyses, the range of services also includes tested, innovative in-house methods that have been validated according to the guidelines for in-vitro diagnostics (IVDR).

These are kept up to date with the latest technology and are carried out and checked by trained personnel. In order to be able to offer the best possible analysis, we update and complete our portfolio on an ongoing basis. The procedures offered enable us to respond to the specific needs of patient target groups.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us via qm@labor-limbach.de

Operating in this environment, MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen stands for quality, responsibility and reliability, and guarantees competent analytics, assessment and consultancy on matters related to:

  • allergy diagnostics
  • autoimmune diagnostics
  • diabetes testing
  • testing for CNS-related diseases
  • drug analysis and toxicology
  • endocrinological diagnostics
  • hygiene consultancy
  • haematological diagnostics
  • haemostaseological diagnostics
  • infectiological consultancy
  • infection diagnostics
  • kidney diagnostics
  • oncological diagnostics
  • metabolic diagnostics
  • therapeutic drug monitoring

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