The Heidelberg prevention concept

The Heidelberg prevention concept (services provided on a self-payment basis)

The benefits provided by the statutory health insurance funds are set out in a list of benefits. Where the medical indication is positive, the insurance funds will meet the cost of these benefits.

What is medically possible is however continually developing, and in some cases more rapidly than what is included in the list of benefits published by the health insurance funds. By no means all medically-justifiable diagnostic procedures or new therapies have been incorporated in the health insurance funds’ list of benefits. These frequently do not become accepted as benefits to be provided by the health insurance funds until after extensive, comprehensive studies and specialist discussions have been carried out.

Health insurance fund benefits may also be removed from the health insurance funds’ list of benefits, so that they can be offered as preventive benefits for self-paying patients. An increasing number of individual healthcare benefits (IGeL) relate to laboratory tests from the field of preventive medicine. Targeted, expediently selected preventive laboratory tests contribute to patients’ personal healthcare, and provide information regarding the nature and extent of individual risks. You will find a compilation of our most important individual healthcare benefits – individual analyses and profiles in the IGeL brochure.

The main purpose of revising the “Heidelberg prevention concept” was to define both preventively-expedient individual analyses, and helpful preventive, diagnostically-justified profiles. It has been possible to considerably expand the field of profiles in particular, and this makes it possible to answer a great deal of preventive medical questions.

The “Heidelberg prevention concept” request form is a laboratory request form specifically for self-paying patients (individual healthcare benefits), with a clear focus on professionally-drafted preventive laboratory benefits, and is intended to provide assistance to physicians and patients, together with the technical information brochures of MVZ Heidelberg, in their efforts towards prevention. Non-laboratory-associated services such as counselling, sampling and injections need to be separately invoiced to the respective patient receiving individual healthcare benefits by the physician providing the service.
As was already previously the case, all laboratory services provided on an individual healthcare basis are billed to your patients directly via our internal billing unit.

Transparency, legal certainty and above all a high level of medical professionalism are our greatest concern, and are the unambiguous priority of the newly-defined “Heidelberg prevention concept”.

The team of physicians in Heidelberg is available at any time to receive further suggestions on our “Heidelberg prevention concept”, and to respond to any queries that you may have.

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