Drug analysis and toxicology

All tests, all matrices

Profound experience is imperative when it comes to drug analysis: both in laboratory testing and regarding regional particularities in consumer behaviour. Limbach Gruppe is a high-excellence provider in drug analysis and toxicology with a full test range for all matrices from urine to saliva and capillary blood. Take advantage of our expert, customised guidance regarding test requests and reports to ensure appropriate test selection and proficient evaluation of test results. In addition, some of Limbach Gruppe’s laboratories are accredited forensic laboratories.

Our core services in drug analysis and toxicology

  • Differentiated testing of saliva and capillary blood samples in routine screening
  • Detection of new drugs of abuse for which no urine tests are available
  • Highly sensitive, legally compliant methods that do not require confirmatory and differentiation testing
  • Complete confirmatory testing for positive urine immunoassays
  • Drug screening for forensic purposes as defined in DIN EN ISO 17025 in compliance with the applicable guidelines
  • Measurement of substitute levels to verify compliance of opioid-dependent patientsopiatabhängiger Patienten
  • Personal, individual assistance by internationally recognised experts regarding particularities in abuse behaviour in a given region

Your contacts

Thomas Huber CTA Toxicology +49 6221 3432-134 thomas.huber@labor-limbach.de
Prof. Dr. Peter Findeisen Specialist in Laboratory Medicine Head of Laboratory Medicine +49 6221 3432-442 peter.findeisen@labor-limbach.de

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