Transport service / Specimen logistics

Transporting medical testing materials

  • Patient specimens (Biological substance, Category B, UN 3373)
  • Cultures (Biological substance, Category B, UN 3373)
  • “Exempt human specimens”

    Patient specimens and cultures of transport category A (UN 2814) will only be transported following registration by phone!

    The laboratory’s national transport service ensures proper specimen transport. Particular emphasis is placed on strict compliance with current shipping regulations to ensure the quality of the specimens during transport.

    The Latest

    If you have any questions about transporting, classifying, labelling and packaging diagnostic specimens as well as requirements for training all persons involved in transport, do not hesitate to contact us.




    You can find the “Provisions for postal transport of hazardous substances and objects” here only in German languages.



    Fact sheet

    Due to the many inquiries from the primary care sector and sending hospitals, we have compiled a fact sheet on the „Regulations for the transport of medical testing materials“ which you can view, download and print as needed. This document will be as soon as possible translated to Englisch version.

    Organisation / Tour scheduling

    Stefan Frietsch Head of logistics +49 6221 3432 120 +49 6221 3432 332
    Doris Bender Disposal +49 6221 3432 120 +49 6221 3432 332