Endocrinological diagnostics

From diagnostics and result reporting to therapy recommendations

The need for endocrinological testing arises in various fields of healthcare: in general practice, in paediatric, dermatological and very commonly in internal medicine practice, and in gynaecological or urological hormone consultation. Limbach Gruppe’s laboratory medicine specialists support physicians with a full range of laboratory diagnostic services and assessments contributed by endocrinological clinicians in the respective specialist area, including concrete practical therapy recommendations.

Our core services in endocrinological diagnostics

  • Gynaecological endocrinology, e.g. infertility, menstrual disorders, PCO syndrome, menopausal diagnostics, pregnancy, preeclampsia screening
  • Paediatric endocrinology, e.g. growth disorders, adrenal gland disorders, disorders of pubertal development, obesity, diabetes mellitus
  • Internal endocrinology, e.g. thyroid disorders, bone metabolism, andrology, pituitary disorders, diagnostic assessment of endocrine hypertension

Our core services in molecular endocrinology

  • Human genetic testing for diagnostic assessment of hereditary endocrine disorders. This includes congenital adrenal hyperplasia, familial hyperaldosteronism, multiple endocrine neoplasia, MODY diabetes, neonatal diabetes mellitus, apparent mineralocorticoid excess, glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism, pseudohyperparathyroidism, thyroid hormone resistance, acromegaly and pituitary adenomas.
  • Human genetic testing for diagnostic assessment of hereditary disorders of the calcium/phosphate balance, lipid metabolism and iron metabolism. The current Molecular Endocrinology Request Form is available for download here.
  • The German Genetic Diagnostics Act (Gendiagnostikgesetz, GenDG) requires the provision of detailed information on the nature, significance and scope of the test, as well as written patient consent (informed consent) before conducting any diagnostic or predictive genetic tests.

Your contacts

Dr. med. Cyrill Müller Specialist in Laboratory Medicine +49 6221 3432-131 cyrill.mueller@labor-limbach.de
Prof. Dr. Peter Findeisen Specialist in Laboratory Medicine Head of Laboratory Medicine +49 6221 3432-442 peter.findeisen@labor-limbach.de
Helene Derksen Specialist in Laboratory Medicine +49 6221 3432-681 helene.derksen@labor-limbach.de

Molecular endocrinology

Dr. med. habil. Egbert Schulze Specialist in Laboratory Medicine Head of the Laboratory for Molecular Endocrinology +49 6221 6588-83 egbert.schulze@labor-limbach.de
Dr. med. Jens Köhler Specialist in internal medicine and hematology and oncology Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology +49 6221 658 883 jens.koehler@labor-limbach.de

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