Services of the study center

Infection diagnostics

In the field of infection diagnostics (microbiology and molecular biology), we also routinely offer comprehensive analysis (see list of services, (LINK).

In addition, tests can be newly developed or validated and established on request.

The range of analyzes and the methodology and services include:

  • Validation of molecular biological and microbiological test systems
  • Introduction of new methods of identification and resistance testing of pathogens
  • Evaluation of culture media for microbiological pathogens
  • Testing the effectiveness of newly developed antibiotics and other drugs
  • Further development of existing methods
  • Publication of the results in specialist journals
  • Presentation of the results at congresses

Common methods of identification and resistance testing:

Special methods of sensitivity measurement (microdilution, macrodilution)
Germ identification with MALDI-TOF (mass spectrometry)
Molecular biological detection methods (Wide range of NAT methods and devices including bacterial and fungal sequencing)

Can't find a desired parameter or method, would you like information about the available devices?

Feel free to contact us!

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