FAQ – Answers to frequently asked questions

Transmission of results

Can I make electronic requests?
Yes. Please discuss the possibility of electronic lab requests with your customer service representative. Please note that due to legislative requirements it is not yet possible to make completely paperless requests.
In what form can I receive the results?
You can opt to receive the results as partial reports, or only as final reports.

RDT – Remote laboratory data transmission 

Retrieval of results in LDT files via analogue lines, ISDN or a socket connection (e.g. DSL); laboratory results can be printed out in your office and/or stored in the electronic health record. By using the small black triangle next to the transfer button, it is also possible to reactivate the results of individual patients or of entire days.


Display of (partial) results via your secure access at


Results can be optionally saved in PDF format and/or printed out; to obtain access, you can register on this page.

Results in a (secure) PDF file via e-mail: Please send us your e-mail address once, along with a password (at least 6 characters) (so that the PDF files can be opened).

Postal shipping/courier service

This always applies to all reports of results and copies of results, and is variably configurable based on tests or results, respectively.