Test materials

The right choice of test material for each clinical situation and correct method of sample collection are an essential part of the preanalytical procedures in medical practices.

Puncture specimens

Types of puncture specimens

Types of puncture specimens include cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), joint fluid, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid, pouch of Douglas fluid, ascitic fluid and other puncture specimens.

Sampling systems for puncture specimens

A sterile tube without additives is used for sampling. In case of sensitive pathogens (e.g. suspicion of meningitis) part of the puncture specimen should be additionally transported in a blood culture bottle.

Notes on puncture specimen sampling

Serous cavities are physiologically sterile, i.e. any detected germ has to be regarded as a pathogen, irrespective of its quantity. It is therefore essential to avoid contamination when making the puncture. In case of chronic suppurative processes and negative results regarding pathogens and resistance, tuberculosis and mycobacteria absolutely must be taken into consideration. Please always record the exact puncture site!

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