Test materials

The right choice of test material for each clinical situation and correct method of sample collection are an essential part of the preanalytical procedures in medical practices.

Urine specimens

Types of urine specimens

A distinction is made between spot urine, first morning urine, second morning urine, midstream urine and urine collection.

Notes on urine sampling

Types of urine specimens Sampling time
Spot urineSampling can be performed at any time.  
First morning urineThe specimen is obtained from the morning’s first urine.
Second morning urineThe second morning urine is obtained at least two hours after the first morning urine.
Midstream urineMidstream urine should preferably be obtained from the first morning urine, otherwise ensure as long a gap as possible since the previous urination.
Urine collectionUrine is collected over a 24-hour period, starting with the second morning urine. After that, collect all urine for 24 hours – also at night – in the urine collection container, including the urination in the morning (first morning urine).

Sampling and transport systems for urine specimens

There are different vessels and containers available for urine sampling and subsequent shipment to the medical practice.

How to obtain midstream urine specimens:

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