Test materials

The right choice of test material for each clinical situation and correct method of sample collection are an essential part of the preanalytical procedures in medical practices.

Urogenital specimens

Types of urogenital specimens

Depending on the location of the genital infection, primarily urethral secretion in men and, where appropriate, also prostate secretion or ejaculate is analysed. In women, vaginal or cervical secretion is collected in addition to urethral secretion.

Sampling systems for urogenital specimens

Use a swab with transport medium for sampling. For secretions such as ejaculate or prostate secretion, sterile tubes without additives are used. It is recommended to use a special narrower swab for urethral secretion collection in men. For special testing requirements (e.g. molecular biological detection), it may be necessary to use special swabs and sampling sets.

Notes on sampling for bacteriological testing

Swabs with Amies transport medium should be used for general bacteriology. Secretions must be collected directly from the infected area, i.e. with as little contamination as possible by the normal mucous membrane flora of the genitalia.

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