This page gives you an overview of the organisational structure of MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen Heidelberg


Hospitals and other medical facilities all over the country are provided with advice and guidance by the Limbach Group’s Hygiene division represented by specialist physicians for hygiene and/or by specialist physicians for microbiology with an additional qualification in hygiene, in cooperation with further specialists. This involves each facility always being personally assisted by the same contact individual. The Group covers all areas of hospital hygiene, in cooperation with its partner laboratories.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have with regard to the range of consultations on offer and on the contact individuals in the Limbach Group’s other locations.

Contact details

Tel.:   +49 6221 3432-381

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Hygiene auditing

  • a comprehensive overview of the hygiene situation, specifically developed for medical facilities
  • identification of priorities and possibilities for further optimisation, including ascertaining personal hygiene requirements
  • as an individual activity or with a hygiene management contract


Hygiene management

  • personal consultation for your facility provided by an experienced specialist physician, as well as by a network of hygiene experts who are on stand-by in the background
  • compliance with the statutory requirements of hygiene management in accordance with the German Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz) provided through expert guidance for your hygiene team
  • sustainable implementation of the defined activities based on project-orientated cooperation with the local hygiene officers
  • short response times in case of hygiene emergencies by our experts all over Germany



Hygiene backup

for hospital hygienists with curricular training

  • one day per year on the spot with the option of auditing
  • urgent questions answered by phone or e-mail all year round
  • opportunity to attend network meetings of hygienists from the Limbach Group
  • opportunity to attend further training activities of the Limbach Group on the topic of hygiene
  • stand-ins available for staff who are on leave or off sick
  • initial consultancy on construction projects
  • additional consultancy days bookable as an option


Outbreak analyses

  • additional support in case of serious outbreaks
  • identification of the point of origin and of the routes of transmission
  • recommendations for effective intervention measures on the basis of existing data and workflows
  • support for internal and external communication
  • drawing up the final report, including preventive measures


Construction consultancy

  • assessment of the situation as per the plan or (in case of conversions) by means of on-the-spot inspection
  • evaluation of hygienic aspects of the construction project, including drawing up a comprehensive expert report as per the stipulations of the supervisory authority
  • research into complex issues
  • ongoing guidance during the construction phase
  • acceptance of the building, including of hygienic aspects
  • assistance in communication and coordination with the supervisory authorities



Further training

  • individual further training on topical issues in hygiene for the necessary safety of your employees
  • further training to become a hygiene officer in nursing care, with optional adjustment to the needs of your facility
  • training for physicians to become hygiene officers, partly in cooperation with local further training facilities


Laboratory analysis and technical validation

  • We offer these services in cooperation with our partner laboratories. Physicians specialising in hygiene at the Heidelberg location


Specialists in hygiene at the Heidelberg site

Prof. Dr. med. Constanze Wendt Specialist in Microbiology Virology and Infection Epidemiology / Hygiene and Environmental Medicine Head of Hygiene and Infection diagnostics +49 6221 3432-344

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