This page gives you an overview of the organisational structure of MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen Heidelberg


Successful quality policy

MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen has been uninterruptedly accredited for the field of medical laboratory diagnostics, since May 1998. It was initially accredited acc. to DIN EN 45001, which was replaced in the ensuing years by DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Due to standard adjustments, the assessment for the first reaccreditation according to DIN EN ISO 15189 was successfully received in May 2003; This accreditation has continued uninterrupted to this day.

DIN EN ISO 15189 was selected and completes the quality-relevant rights to medical laboratories as follows:

  • emphasis placed on the specialist qualification of the laboratory
  • structured and planned basic and advanced training, as well as further development of technical staff
  • detailing of the requirements of documentation and of the quality control systems (external and internal)
  • measures to continually optimise quality (preventive and corrective measures)
  • internal and external auditing
  • specific requirements as to laboratory equipment (devices, reagents, materials)
  • unambiguous stipulations regarding preanalytics, analytics and postanalytics
  • stipulations regarding the computer system used
  • customer orientation

Our quality goals
MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen has always met continuously-increasing requirements as to quality and skills quickly and competently, and will continue to do so. All laboratory tests are continually monitored by comprehensive internal and external quality control measures. The implementation of new requirements contained in the Guidelines of the German Medical Association (RiliBÄK) is naturally also an integral part of the quality management system at the MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen.
The process-orientated development of all QM standards, the ongoing refinement and examination of relevant quality indicators, as well as compliance with international QM requirements, reflect the dynamic element of our laboratory’s QM system.
We are particularly concerned about the satisfaction of both our customers and our patients. This is the foundation for what we do, and is a major element of our motivation. With this in mind, we are constantly working to improve our claims and complaint management in order to analyse the causes and eliminate sources of error.
We also apply our demands as to the quality and rapidity of the analysis to the upstream and downstream processes, and hence guarantee a high degree of reliability in specimen logistics and results communication.

The refinement and permanent adjustment of our QM system is subject to an ongoing process. We are looking forward to future developments in the accreditation of medical laboratories, and will continue to face up to the challenges of the future as and when they arise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in our QM system, if you need information, or if you have any suggestions and criticisms.

Sabine Seigfriedt QM officer at the MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollege
Monique Enders Deputy QM officer at the MVZ Labor Dr. Limbach & Kollegen

Contact Details

QM office +49 6221 3432-181 +49 6221 3432-184

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